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The River Oyster Bar

July 4, 2016

By Gary J. Arzt

Because the bar is located at the front of the restaurant, to the right as one enters, you might get the impression you’re in a neighborhood bar that serves food. Au contraire, The River Oyster House is a rather elegant restaurant, specializing in oysters and seafood and fish, that has a very well patronized attractive bar! In that sense, it is a heavily patronized place where the bar is busy… usually two deep, plus the high tops, at the close of the business day and for hours thereafter.

Opened in 2003, under the direction of Chef David Bracha, they offer the finest selection of oysters available in Miami. The range of fresh oysters changes frequently according to availability and will feature Blue Points, Wellfleets, Cormandel, Quonset Points, etc. Always fresh, expertly shucked and beautifully presented … they make an excellent accompaniment to your pre-dinner cocktail, or as an appetizer.

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