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Fla Keys Dragon Boat Club Top 100 team

May 28, 2009


(Little Torch Key, FL) After participating in Battle In The Bay Dragon Boat Festival on May 9 in Marathon, Florida Keys Dragon Boat Club’s Team Godzilla is currently ranked among the top 100 teams nationwide in the MLDB (Major League Dragon Boat). Festivals are included based on a one-year rolling calendar. For example, once the current years event occurs the previous years event will be removed. When a festival is included in an event, all races are factored in.

Major League Dragon Boat launched in 2009 and incorporates some of the most competitive and hottest new events in North America. With a national reach and the largest potential prize pool in the sport, excitement and rivalry builds as crews march to the championship event at Walt Disney World resort in October.

The Great White North Crew Rankings are the most comprehensive ranking system in North America. With the goal of incorporating a full compliment of festivals across North America, the system has been designed to take into account such factors as water depth and actual course length.

Each race course is a different distance. In order to properly compare results from different events, a formula is used to convert all times to 500 meter times. Assuming that a boat reaches full speed by the 50 meter mark and using an average speed for the remainder of the race, conversion of different distances to provide 500 meter times is possible. At GWN events and GWN client events, the distances used are based on GPS readings taken by staff during course installation.

Based on actual water depths, a formula has been developed to adjust final times. This has enabled the System to compare times of both equal distance and depth. Crews are ranked by average time based on calculated times using the above mentioned formulas. Rankings are updated on a monthly basis throughout the season.

Florida Keys Dragon Boat club operates out of Little Torch Key and has regular practices on Sunday evenings. For information about the club visit, email or call 305-304-5100.


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