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Daytona Beach - A Day of Water Views

July 5, 2016

As a local you will appreciate how much you get out of visiting all the famous and most popular places around Daytona. You will also know that the fantastic enjoyment that you get from this experience is something you appreciate so much but did you know that there are some Florida locals that haven’t a clue what they are missing…

This is for the locals that didn’t know that in Daytona the famous 23 miles of white sandy beaches with huge waves of the Atlantic crashing along the shoreline is THE place to surf boogie board. Or you can spend the day relaxing in the glorious Florida sun with a cool drink or two and watch the excitement as surfer after surfer rides on in; and to think it’s also a very relaxing way to spend the day.

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona International Speedway

If you aren’t into wave watching or wave riding then perhaps the famous Daytona Speedway or its surrounding NASCAR themed spots interests you more. Perhaps you do love the crowds and if so, then bike week and Spring Break will give you as much entertainment has you can handle and you will never, ever forget those heavy crowds…

Either way you will always enjoy a day in Dayton but… for something a little different it’s time to enjoy a day doing something a little different because you have access to other places around Daytona – you can enjoy a day of entertainment as a family group or as a couple…

Breakfast is always a good way to start the day and Daytona certainly has many fine places to do just that. Today though Daytona Diner gets a look in and they are located at 290 1/2 N. Beach Street. They offer a very pleasant atmosphere where the whole family can sit down and enjoy an old fashioned breakfast… pancakes.

I know; pancakes are not that old fashioned but many people love pancakes and these ones are huge. They are served with lashings of butter and they are as big and round as the plate they are served on. And if you are still feeling a little peckish, they also serve a full breakfast with your pancakes.

Canoeing at Cracker Creek

Getting close to nature; canoeing or kayaking: After a full breakfast it’s time to work it off with a trip to a hidden beautiful and rustic backwoods setting. This amazing place is called Cracker Creek Canoeing. Cracker Creek Canoeing is located on the original homestead of Roland F Johnson and they offer canoe and kayak launch plus rentals in the unique natural area of Spruce Creek.

But first the perfect way to start the day is with a one hour pontoon boat ride. The boat ride is very comfortable and you will soon discover that the river is well shaded by old cypress trees along the banks with an abundance of thick hanging Spanish moss.

The boat is completely covered with a canopy that provides ample shade area and also keeps the ride dry during the raining season in Florida. This guided tour is called an eco-tour and you will get to see some of the natural habitats of a variety of protected and endangered plants and animals.

After your boat ride, grab a rental canoe or kayak and get closer to the water as you can experience one of the only undisturbed natural black water streams left in Florida… Discovering Spruce Creek thanks to Cracker Creek Canoeing will allow you to paddle down the meandering stream past the coastal marshes, cypress swamps and the hardwood forests. Getting up close and personal with nature is a very rewarding experience. Cracker Creek Canoeing is located at 1795 Taylor Road Port Orange - near Daytona.

Lunchtime at the Earl Street Grill: Now that you have experienced an incredible morning I am sure your hunger pangs are really hitting home so, perhaps you need to find your way to the Earl Street Grill. This is where you can experience delicious foods and they offer you a great alternative to the normal eating chains you will find in Daytona.

You can experience a meal by the ocean and for lunch you can enjoy some of their sandwiches or burgers or go for seafood. The best thing is there could be a mystery catch on the menu such as shark or swordfish depending on what the local fishermen catch. And to top that off, the staff are very friendly which makes having a meal here very worthwhile.

View of Daytona Beach

Refreshing view of Sun Splash Park

Fun time at Sun Splash Park Daytona Beach: This is a place that is great for the family, it’s great for couples and it’s great if you are a local. You should take time out and enjoy the moment because Sun Splash Park sits right on the edge of the beautiful sands of Daytona Beach. Spending the afternoon here is perfect because they have an abundance of covered shelters and tables with umbrellas.

It’s also a great place to have lunch if you didn’t want to spend time at the Earl Street Grill because they have grills at a handful of the shelters if you want to whip up a meal. You can spend the entire day here because this park is built around a huge water fountain squirting cool water from the ground. You could say this fountain is the centerpiece and with water squirting out of the ground about six feet into the air at random moments the children and you will love it. In the heat of the day this is the best way to cool down and have fun.

To top that off there is the Adventure Ship where your kids can get lost in and have fun. They have climb-through tunnels and ladders that come in various shapes and sizes and much, much more.

There is no other way to end the day…

Welcome to Aunt Catfish

Dinner at Aunt Catfish’s On The River – this is a family owned and operated restaurant and they are open for dinner Monday to Sunday from 11:30am to close. You will find them on the river at 4009 Halifax Drive Port Orange. Phone 386-767-4768.

Dinner at Aunt Catfish’s On The River – this is a family owned and operated restaurant and they are open for dinner Monday to Sunday from 11:30am to close. You will find them on the river at 4009 Halifax Drive Port Orange. Phone 386-767-4768.

The menu here is definitely a delight for food lovers. Their menu includes Lump Blue Crab Cakes, Fire Roasted Oysters, soups and salads, a vegetable medley plate for vegetarians and you can add a dinner salad buffet to any of your appetizers. If you prefer platters and combos I have to say that you should give the Admirals Platter a try or go for the Catfish Fillet Sampler with a salad buffet…

It wouldn’t hurt to have an early night after such an exhausting day…

Here’s a list of all the places recommended above and there is a map with directions and pinpoints below:

Daytona International Speedway
1801 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 681-6800
Daytona Diner
290 1/2 N Beach St
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 258-8488
Cracker Creek Canoeing
1795 Taylor Rd.
Port Orange, FL 32128
(386) 304-077
Earl Street Grill
715 Earl St
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
(386) 239-8781
Sun Splash Park
611 S Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL 321118
(386) 736-5953
Aunt Catfish’s On The River
4009 Haifax Dr
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 767-4768

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