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Shoreline Fishing License Requirement Starts Aug. 1

August 7, 2009

Time’s up. Florida’s new shoreline fishing license requirement takes effect Aug. 1, so resident anglers who fish for saltwater species from shore or a structure affixed to shore must have a $9 shoreline fishing license or a $17 regular saltwater fishing license.

Nonresident anglers need a regular nonresident saltwater fishing license to fish from shore or from a vessel. Short-term and annual nonresident fishing licenses cost between $17 and $47. Additional fees may apply, depending on where the angler purchases the license.

The requirement does allow exemptions for resident anglers who fish in their home county, using live or natural bait, on a line or pole without a line-retrieval mechanism. This exemption does not apply to anglers who use nets, traps, gigs, spears or who gather seafood by hand or any type of gear other than hook and line.

Other exemptions apply for anglers who qualify for temporary cash assistance, food stamps or Medicaid. Also, resident anglers who are age 65 or older and children under age 16 may fish without a license. Active-duty military personnel may fish without a license while home on leave in Florida.
Licensed fishing piers have licenses that cover everyone who fishes from them.

The FWC suggests the $17 regular saltwater fishing license may be the best option for most resident anglers unless they are certain they will fish only from shore or a structure affixed to shore all year.
By creating the shoreline fishing license, the Florida Legislature arranged for Florida anglers to be exempt from a more-expensive federal angler registration requirement that will take effect in 2011.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission - FAQs: Shoreline fishing - License requirement changes

4th Annual GO FISHING All-Release Fishing Tournament

June 19, 2009

florida-fishing-1The Florida Aquarium’s 4th Annual GO FISHING All-Release Fishing Tournament was held on June 5th. Twenty-six guided boats and 6 private boats launched early Friday morning from the docks behind the Tampa Convention Center for a great day of fishing on Tampa Bay. Reel Animals, Captains Mike Anderson and Billy Nobles, served as Tournament Directors, gathering all the best fishing guides for the corporate teams. Anglers and their families enjoyed a captain’s party at the Aquarium on Thursday evening, complete with food, drink, live music, penguin, owl and crocodile up-close encounters, behind-the-scenes tours and a lively silent auction.

The Aquarium supports sound care and stewardship of our waterway eco-systems and wildlife. Sport fishing and seafood have been a part of the fabric of life of Floridians for hundreds of years, and will continue to play an important role in Florida’s economy. This year’s tournament stressed the importance of responsible fishing and sustainable seafood practices.

The Tournament raised over $28,000 for the Aquarium’s conservation and education programs. Our sincere thanks go to our sponsors: GEICO, Mosaic,, The Tampa Tribune and NewsChannel 8, as well as Committee Co-Chairs Doug Montgomery and John Cavo.

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