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An Active Day in Hollywood Beach

July 2, 2016

Hollywood, everyone wants to go to Hollywood and if you seek excitement, beaches or you love to shop then this is definitely a Florida hot spot. It’s quite amazing how some locals don’t really know where to start when they want to have a day in Hollywood. Of course most know that there are beaches, shopping centers to visit. And of course you know that many tourists and celebrities visit but what can you do in a day that would be a little different…

Here are a few ways that you can spend a day in Hollywood. Listed here are ways to discover art, theatre, dance, music festivals and the historic nature of the area will simply blow you away. All year round there is something happening including family fun and incredible nightlife for everyone no matter what your budget!

The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is a great place to start for the day. Here you can try one of the cafes for a hearty breakfast overlooking the ocean before joining other bicyclists, walkers, runners or rollerbladers on a journey that goes for over two miles… the enjoyment of seeing many things along the way is incredible. Not only do you get to meet other locals and some tourists but you can check out the shops along the way.

Or you can have breakfast on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk at one of the cafes.

And then take a Hollywood Trails - Eco Adventure Kewl Bicycle Tour (HT4). There are four bicycle tours to choose from and they are available 6 days a week. You get to travel along safe bike paths, along the beach. These rides are around 5 - 30 miles long and are a lot of fun.

Trail one - takes in the historic architecture, movie locations and parks. This ride takes place on a Monday; it takes around 2.5 hours and the ride is 15 incredible miles in length.

Trail two - you can visit the nature conservatory, Dania Pier and State Park on Wednesdays & Saturdays. You get to ride 10 miles and it takes around 2.5 hours to complete.

Trail three - This one is called the City of Arts and it’s great if you are an art lover. You get to visit 2 museums and 5 art galleries in around 2 hours. Total length of the ride is 6 miles and you can join other art lovers on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Trail four - this ride takes about 3 hours and is 27 miles in length. This trail ride is called the Hardcore Eco Tour and takes in the Nature Conservatory and State Park and runs on a Thursday.

The choice is yours so I am sure you can work your day around one of these incredible tours. You do need to call the day before and reserve your spot. Tours start from Sun & Fun Cycles, 1500 N. Boardwalk Hollywood - Phone 954-381-0010.

Lunch at Ocean Alley Restaurant located at 900 North Boardwalk A1A and Indiana Street (at Indiana Street & the ocean). Phone 954-921-6171.

After a great morning workout and taking in the local history, scenery and enjoying a leisurely lunch or afternoon snack is a great way to come back to reality. Ocean Alley Restaurant gives you the chance to enjoy casual dining in their open air environment on Hollywood Beach. You can sit back and enjoy burgers and fries, seafood, pasta dishes, chicken and steak!

People Watching on the Beach - Hollywood Beach is the best kept secret and that is why you should feel very comfortable being a local. It’s quite interesting sitting back and just people watching because it can be an incredible experience. There is plenty of sunshine to bring many people out and then there are those that just look to relax on the seashore. With that in mind you can people watch on the beach in various ways…

You can sit back and under the shade of a tree and check out all the people or you can sit back in one of the cafes that has a beach view. If you choose to sit back in a café, why not fill in some postcards from Hollywood Beach and be the envy of all your friends that don’t live in this incredible place.

It’s time to rest up for an incredible nightlife where you can dine and dance the night away!

Dinner time in Hollywood - I read some great reviews about Tavern Opa for dinner in Hollywood. Opa is located on 800 N Ocean Drive Hollywood, phone 954-922-2256 they open from 4pm until the Ouzo runs dry. Not only can you get a good meal here you can also stay on and dance the night away (depending on the night you spend your day in Hollywood).

Tavern Opa says that every day is a celebration of good food and wine and from the reviews I have seen, it would be hard to miss this restaurant.

If you prefer something a little different you could try Las Brisas Mexican Restaurant located at 600 N Surf Street Hollywood Beach, phone 954-923-1500. It’s located right on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. You could even watch the sun go down and the moon come up…

This is the ideal place to have dinner overlooking the sea… you can dig into some great steaks, appetizers, dishes and desserts from Central and South America. If you prefer some pasta they have some incredible Italian pastas and antipasto plates.
You could try Giorgios’ Bar and Grill - you can eat, drink and be merry while you party and dance the night away in one place. You can stay inside or outside where you have a great water view. Dress is casual but the meals are right up there. You will enjoy a Mediterranean mixture from Greece, Italy, Spain and Israel. Giorgios’ is located at 606 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood Beach.

Being a local you already know the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk features some of Florida’s hottest attractions and nightlife. Not only that there is a plethora of inexpensive restaurants, bars and cafes. If you happen to like theatre under the stars then you can see various concerts at the beach theatre - Theatre Under the Stars.

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