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Megan Paul The Zyrtec Girl is Super Cute

February 19, 2009

I just think that the girl in the Zyrtec commercial is super cute, so much so that I had to state it publicly.

Megan Paul in the Zyrtec Commercial

Megan Paul in the Zyrtec Commercial












She just has the cutest face, the sexiest girlie voice, a tight little petite body, and a cute perkiness that is adorable.

Here are three commercials she is in.


Megan Paul Zyrtec Girl

Megan Paul Zyrtec Girl

7 Responses to “ Megan Paul The Zyrtec Girl is Super Cute”

  1. joe said:

    She is so hot O my god

  2. Dave said:

    No question, a very beautiful young woman. I hope her career takes off and we get the chance to see more of her.

  3. huck said:

    hey yall, Im so glad i found this website. finally someone else thinks the same as i do. Megan is drop dead gorgeous! I cant wait to see her on the Big Screen!

  4. oldpink said:

    Absolutely agree here.
    I just love those gorgeous ice blue eyes and dark brown hair.
    Very beautiful face and body, and I concur that her voice is also quite sexy.
    Definitely in the upper tier of feminine beauty.

  5. durty old man said:

    She certainly is attractive. However, if I had to endure one more run of her on that stupid zyrtec commercial I think I’d slit my wrists. All that shoving her face in the camera while hopping back and forth on her feet like she had to take a pee was obnoxious. And then she showed up for maybe one time on a Chili’s commercial doing the same face and foot shuffle routine. SICKENING . . .

  6. Paul said:

    Megan is the epitome of the cute broo-nette. She puts the “ooh” into “brunette”. Women with light-colored eyes and dark hair are stunning.

    Brunettes like that could single-handedly make every blue-eyed blonde on the planet obsolete.

  7. steveg said:

    You also might like this Tic Tac commercial with her –