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Britt’s Laguna Grill Clearwater Beach FL

February 23, 2009

For Valentine’s Day lunch, we went to Britt’s Laguna Grill in Clearwater Beach FL. Their tag line is; “A Superb Culinary Experience in a Light Casual Atmosphere”. Well, truth in advertising has returned! We completely loved this place and would certainly go back again and again.

Britts Laguna Grill

Britt's Laguna Grill

Laura thought the name Britt’s meant that it was going to be like a British pub. I think it was wishful thinking on her part, and a relief on my part when it turned out to just be the name. Afterall, there are two “T”s in it. Nothing against British Pubs, they just don’t do much for me.

Britt’s Laguna Grill has a nice comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong there and that you would be comfortable hanging out for several hours.

Inside Britts Laguna Grill

Inside Britt's Laguna Grill

We weren’t shy about trying several things on the menu.

First, we had the Almond Crusted Brie.

Almond Crusted Brie

Almond Crusted Brie

The Almond Crusted Brie consisted of imported Brie cheese baked with a tasty almond crust, served with apples, grapes and strawberry with crispy toast mounds. This was a good deal at $8.50.

Next, we shared the Sea Bisque.

Sea Bisque

Sea Bisque

The Sea Bisque was loaded with fresh fish, shellfish and veggies and simmered with sherry wine, which is a required ingredient of bisque. At the $4 price on the menu, we thought this would be a small cup, but we were surprised to receive a large bowl that filled us up after the Brie. Now we were wondering how we were going to eat the rest of the stuff we ordered.

Eh, we’ll just walk it off with some shopping afterwards.

Next came the Mediterranean Medley.

Mediterranean Medley

Mediterranean Medley

The Mediterranean Medley is an $8.50 platter with hummus, tahini, falafel, myriam salad and two pitas. We died and went to Greek heaven … but we weren’t done yet.

Our final indulgence were Oysters on the Half Shell.

Oysters on the Half Shell

Oysters on the Half Shell

I would go back to Britt’s anytime and every time I visit Clearwater Beach. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have take-out available.

Britt’s Laguna Grill
309 S. Gulfview Blvd.
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

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