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Busch Gardens Animals Find Ways to Beat the Heat

July 3, 2009

Natural Behaviors Keep the Animals Cool During Summer

Florida is the land of year-round Summer-like weather, but our summer’s can be extremely hot. Luckily for the animals at Busch Gardens in Tampa, knowing how to beat the heat comes naturally.

Because most species in the park are native to Africa or other tropical or sub-tropical climates, they have natural adaptations and behaviors to help them thrive in high temperatures. Hippos and Asian small-claw otters spend time in the water to cool off. Rhinos wallow in mud pits to beat the heat.

Also helping the animals to stay cool are the naturalistic habitats at Busch Gardens. Lush forests, waterfalls, rocky overhangs and plunge pools in exhibits such as Myombe Reserve, Jungala and the Edge of Africa mimic the animals’ environments in the wild, providing shade in the summer and sunny areas in winter.

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